Accelerate Your Learning Curve

Unforgettable, Hands-On, Deep Learning Experience

Deep Learning
Hands On
Case Study
Business Simulation
Deep Learning

Learn By Doing

We remember 5% of what we read, only 30% of what we hear, 50% of what we see and hear and an amazing 90% of what we do. Learning by doing is un-forgettable! Drive retention and accelerate your progress towards mastery.

Hands On

Experiential Learning

Hands-On experiential learning with immediate application. Learn-And-Apply with real time coaching allows you to proceed at your own pace. Lean Journey offers 90% more engagement and an interactive mix of content.

Case Study

Real World Business Simulation

This boot camp will give you a full understanding of how to map value flow across your whole organization and powerful tools you can use to remove waste and allow value to flow.

Business Simulation

No Boring PowerPoint Presentation

Experiment and learn in the simulation to gain deep understanding of counter intuitive concepts. 

Accelerate learning with real world scenarios without real world consequences.

Experience Hands-on Learning

Accelerate your learning curve with hands-on lean boot camp facilitated by Lean Senseis with real transformation experience. The simulation creates real world situations and we experiment with lean tools to solve. Real world scenarios without the real world learning curve consequences. Sign up today for the next boot camp.

Value Stream Boot Camp Subjects Covered

Strategic - ON The Business Tools
Tactical - IN The Business Tools
Kaizen Tools
Collaboration Tools
Strategic - ON The Business Tools
  • Strategy Deployment
  • Value Stream Current State
  • Value Stream Future State
  • OKRs Objectives and Key Results
  • Opportunity Funnel
  • Transformation Plan
  • Impact Resource Matrix
  • Value Stream Box Score
  • Plain English P&L
  • Customer Gemba
  • Kaizen Cadence
  • Kaizen Capacity
  • Value Stream Capacity
  • Sales and Operations  Planning        
  • Lean Business System
Tactical - IN The Business Tools
  • Visual Management
  • Balanced KPIs
  • Change Over Playbooks
  • Standard Work Playbooks
  • OEE
  • Counter Measures
  • SME Interactive Matrix
  • Status at a Glance
  • POU - Point of Use Storage
  • Quality at the Source
  • Poke Yoke - Fault Tolerant Process 
  • Buffer / Safety / Cycle Stock
  • Daily Management
  • Part Presentation
  • Trouble Shooting Guide
  • Autonomous Maintenance Playbooks
  • Start-up Playbooks
  • Preventive Maintenance Playbooks
  • Gemba Walks
  • Andon Boards
Kaizen Tools
  • Operator Load Chart
  • CTQs
  • A3 Root Cause Analysis
  • Sprint
  • TPM
  • Quick Changeover SMED
  • DMAIC Kaizen
  • KanBan
  • One Piece Flow
  • Quality @ Source
  • Takt Time 
  • Pacemaker
  • Pitch time
  • Cycle Time
  • Lead Time
Collaboration Tools
  • Affinity Process
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Change Curve
  • Types of Resistance
  • Team Preventions
  • Team Interventions
  • Decision Making Continuum
  • Team Rules of Engagement
  • Plus / Delta's
  • Affinity Process
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Change Curve

 Hands On Boot Camps

Lean Journey Boot Camps accelerate your progress.  All of our boot camps are hands on, deep learning experiences. We remember 20% of what we see and 90% of what we do. The hands on experience makes it practical and memorable.

 Value Stream - Lean Mfg

Witness the value stream transformation with your own eyes. Experience what the lean tools can achieve when properly applied.

 Six Sigma DOE

Bootcamp simulation involves running screen DOE to select key variables and optimization DOE to rapidly create optimized results.

 Value Stream - Lean Office

Use Lean tools to transform Office Value Stream processes. Similar but not exactly the same as lean Manufacturing. This is designed for Service businesses. 

 Private Equity M&A

This Boot Camp is specifically designed for leaders involved in business evaluations and Mergers and Acquisition Projects.

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