Customer requirements, shareholder expectations, and employee expectations are accelerating at an unprecedented rate, impacting market share, shareholder returns and company culture.  Core processes that were key to competitiveness struggle to keep up.

- Cedric Brown, CEO    
​CMB Global Partners     

Transform How You Transform

Our Approach

Whether you’re just starting your journey or ready to accelerate Impact, we meet you where you are and architect a deployment strategy to accelerate your progress.

Our Expertise

Our team has Lean and Six Sigma lineage back to the origins. We were mentored and coached directly by the first generation of leaders trained by Taiichi Ohno and Edward Deming. Our team has C-Level experience and are comfortable in the board room and on the shop floor.

Our Services

Whether you’re at the beginning or striving  for the next level  transformation we use a combination of BootCamps, MasterClasses, and Kaizens to architect a deployment model that’s perfect for your lean journey. 

Our Products

Our Lean Journey Cloud includes state of the art apps to help your team to Learn Faster, Engage Deeper, Accelerate Impact and Drive Sustainable Results.