Drive Annualized Business Impact

Accelerate Your Pace of Change

Impact Resource Matrix
Opportunity Funnel
Kaizen Cadence
Business Impact
Impact Resource Matrix

Action & Priority

We can’t do everything at once and timing is critical to sustaining impact. The impact resource matrix guides us to select the right opportunities at the right time driven by business needs and resource availability.

Opportunity Funnel

Opportunities in One Place

The opportunity funnel identifies all gaps, ideas, problems, and sorts them in a funnel. Leaders can view the opportunities by process, difficulty, impact, risk, etc to select the right priorities.

Kaizen Cadence

Accelerate Your Pace of Change

The Japanese word Kaizen translates to good change in English. Cadence establishes your pace. Kaizen Cadence moves beyond continuous improvement to establish a pace for change. We include the full portfolio of Lean and Six Sigma tools to solve chronic problems.

Business Impact

Track Annualized Business Impact

Annualized impact includes impact on the top line revenue and bottom line costs, measured at the value stream level. Kaizen are collectively quantified and tracked with a finance validated estimate of the business impact for  a total of 12 months. After 12 months, that kaizen impact drops off as others continue.

​Kaizen Expertise And  Kaizen Capacity
Lean Sensei On-Site

Whether you need next level kaizen expertise or  you're just too busy and need the extra kaizen capacity, Lean Journey Kaizen is perfect for you. We can accelerate with the Learn - Engage - Sustain kaizen model. 

Every Lean Journey Kaizen includes:

Lean Sensei On Site

Digitized deliverables

Black Belt Coaching

Kaizen Team Training

Champion planning sessions

Change management expertise

Experiment facilitation skills 

Kaizen tool selection guidance

Lean Journey Map Training

Playbook Creation

30/60/90 day follow up

60 day Lean Journey Cloud

Lean Manufacturing Kaizen:

Value Stream

Real world scenarios, late orders, quality problems, to much of Product A and shortage of Product  B. Experiment and learn lean without  the real world consequences. 

Standard Work    

Without a standard there can be no improvement. This JumpStart kaizen focuses on moving from tribal knowledge to standard work playbooks with everyone the same page. 


Kanban Jump Start keeps material flowing to make sure we have just the right amount at the right time. kanban is useful to eliminate stoclouts. Its a simple yet powerful tool set.

Strategy Deployment

Align strategic business priorities and value stream transformations plans using Hoshin Kanri planning and Google like OKRs


Having a good Total Preventive Maintenance program for key equipment whether its production equipment, computer servers or critical lab equipment a good TPM Process can make a difference.


Agile is a very effective management tool for knowledge workers. Agile spints and scrums delivers the customer requirements in weekly and daily scrum with everyone engaged.

Quick Change Over (SMED)

Reduce Change over times from hours to minutes using. Changeover reduction has tremendous impact on balance sheet working capital. It provides funding and capital project financing .

DMAIC Kaizen 

We transform the powerful Six Sigma problem solving process from weeks to days using the kaizen approach. Key solution for chronic problems that demand an urgent solution.

Six Sigma Project

Perfect for the most difficult to solve problems with lots of critical variables. We get to the root cause by breaking the project into kaizens, sprints and scrums