Accelerate Your Learning Curve

​Unforgettable, Hands-On, Deep Learning Experience

Deep Learning
Unforgettable Experience
Case Study
Highly Interactive
Deep Learning

Learn By Doing

We remember 5% of what we read, only 30% of what we hear, 50% of what we see and hear and an amazing 90% of what we do. Learning by doing is un-forgettable! Drive retention and accelerate your progress towards mastery.


Experiential Learning

Hands-On experiential learning with immediate application. Learn-And-Apply with real time coaching allows you to proceed at your own pace. Lean Journey offers 90% more engagement and an interactive mix of content.

Unforgettable Experience

Experience the Transformation

In this bootcamp you will gain a full understanding of how value flows across the enterprise, how to map the value flow and how to use lean power tools to remove waste, drive business impact, and transform the organization.

Case Study

Real World Business Scenarios

This hands-on, deep learning value stream simulation, facilitated by our Lean Sensei team, allows leaders like you to experiment with lean tools in real-world scenarios, without real-world consequences.

Highly Interactive

No Boring PowerPoint Presentation

Experiment and learn with a business simulation to gain a deep understanding of counter intuitive lean concepts.  Accelerate your learning curve by experimenting with real world scenarios without real world consequences.

Accelerate Your 
Learning Curve

​Unforgettable, Hands-On, Deep Learning Experience


Without real-world consequences

While the principles of Lean don't change, our understanding continues to evolve. Today's Lean has evolved into a business transformation system that can drive real cultural change and deliver business impact that sticks. 

Business Case Simulation - AGV, Inc. is a global leader in autonomous guided vehicle technology with an 18% share of the market. With a three-year breakthrough objective of 36% profitable growth, the company only experienced a 1.3% growth last year.  And with well financed competition entering the marketplace with new business models and services, the company is in for a challenge.

The processes we have relied on in the past can't keep pace with our changing customer requirements and increasing shareholder demands. Customers are demanding shorter lead times and are complaining about late deliveries and quality issues, shareholders are disappointed with flatline profits, and employees while working harder and harder, can't keep up while feeling burnt out and unappreciated. 

The culture has evolved into firefighting and crisis management. Sounds familiar?

How do we improve the processes that can't keep up? How do we transform from firefighting to high performance? How do we solve the quality problems and late deliveries? And how can we grow the market share with reliable processes, engaged employees, delighted customers, and rewarded shareholders?

The answer - Join us to learn how to transform how you transform.

   Value Stream BootCamp

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Duration:  Two Day BootCamp

Format:    Sensei Lead Business Simulation

The BootCamp Experience

Our Lean Sensei designed this hands-on boot camp experience for leaders who are serious about business transformation. It will accelerate your learning curve and transform your business. This boot camp will give you a full understanding of how to map value flow across your whole organization and powerful tools you can use to remove waste and allow value to flow. You will experience the transformation and see it with your own eyes forever changing your perspective of how a business should be run.

Who is it for?

Front line leaders and value stream teams, business executives and business owners, developers and program managers, process owners and professional contributors, business unit leaders and continuous improvement leaders, engineers and designers, finance, human resources, and other support organizations.

What we cover:

    • Value Stream Transformation Tools
    • Real World Examples
    • Step-by-step Lean Journey Maps
    • Business impact as measured by the value stream P&L and Balance sheet performance

What to expect:

    The BootCamp will consist of five rounds of kaizens, over two days to show how to drive a value stream transformation.

    Simulation Rounds - 20 minutes rounds where we use the processes to provide real services and products to our demanding customers. 

    Between Rounds - We'll use the value stream profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and operating KPIs to assess kaizen business impact.

    The sensei will provide real-time instruction on the kaizen tools including current state value stream map, SIPOC, operator load charts, standard work, kanban, point of use storage, one piece flow, TAKT time, 8 wastes, Gemba walk, quality at the source, strategy deployment,  and more.

    The sensei will lead a Q&A sessions between rounds to help you assimilate the tools into your real-world business practices.


The BootCamp Experience

intro to lean intro to bootcamo

2 day simulation, describe what we do, run simulation, map value stream, figure out customer value

after each round, we'll evaluate what went well, key learnings, assimiliating into existing practices, wht impact did iut have on P&L, balance sheet, and operator parameters

end talk about assimilation

more real world examples to help with deployment

a week later we start the 30 day masterclass where we'll start building a process playbook

describe the masterclass

with masterclass: release a few, 7 minute microlessons weekly

50 minute Q&A session once a week

4 weeks to build process playbooks

The workshop takes place over 30 days. There is one hour zoom session prior to the on-site workshop. You'll learn ground rules and the basics of Lean. This session as well as all following engagements are lead by our experienced lean sensei. Your lean sensei, Cedric Brown, has broad and deep transformation experiences across many industries and processes from manufacturing to health care, insurance services to food processing, non-profits to banks, retail to construction, and startups to multi-billion dollar multinationals. He uses his unique experiences and knowledge of the next generation of lean business transformation systems to help executives who want to transform their business.

Our BootCamps are interactive, meaning they aren’t merely powerpoint presentations. Unlike other lean trainings that are  are designed to give you a technical definition of the tools, rather than real life experience and the opportunity to create a lean business system. This is how real learning happens. This is what it means to learn by doing. 

Most of your time is spent working in a business simulation with kaizen event break out groups lead by a lean sensei. 

Everybody participates in this learning experience. We find that the more you put into the BootCamp, the greater the return. 

   Value Stream BootCamp

 Dec 7-8

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Risk-free, No credit card required

    Learn by Doing


Duration:      2 day BootCamp

Format:        Sensei Lead Business Simulation